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    Violating the Virtual Channel – RDP Testing

    Introduction As security consultants we often come across situations where we have access to an RDP server that has been locked down fairly ...

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    Digital Strategy in the boardroom

    Business Insights Introduction Digital is here and here to stay but research [1] suggests that the boardroom is far too slow to implement co ...

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    Truecrypt Phase Two Audit Announced

    iSEC Partners, part of NCC Group, completed the first phase of the Truecrypt audit almost a year ago, focusing on the Windows kernel code, b ...

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    Technology doping: Competitive advantage by abusing security flaws in smart sports equipment

    Introduction The term “Technology doping” has recently been used [1] to mean the practice of gaining a competitive advantage through using s ...

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    Secure Software: So you have a threat model, now what?

    Introduction Let us assume your organisation had understood the importance of threat modelling and run the exercise. Now you have a report: ...

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    How we helped a major CDN identify and fix a faulty node

    The value of synthetic monitoring

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    Cyber criminals “love” Valentine’s Day

    As Valentine’s Day fast approaches security experts have urged people to keep their wits about them when online as cyber criminals often use ...

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    DARPA OnStar Vulnerability Analysis

    Introduction In a report [1] by US TV show “60 Minutes” about DARPA [2] and the Internet of Things, the Department of Defence has shown that ...

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    A cynic’s view of 2015 security predictions – Part three

    Introduction  A number of security predictions have been doing the rounds over the last few weeks, so I decided to put pen to paper and writ ...

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