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    The Grand National: a chance for the UK’s betting sites to shine?

    How the UK's top betting sites prepared for the Grand National.

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    Logs, Logs, the Audit Trail - Features of a Successful Log Management Solution

    Logs, logs, the audit trail The more you parse, the more they fail The more they fail, the less they plunder, So let's have logs to avoid a …

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    Security of Things: An Implementers Guide to Cyber Security for Internet of Things devices and beyond

    We’ve seen a sharp rise in the last five years or so in the amount of security assurance and research activities we’re asked to undertake in the embedded system space. This has naturally led us to working increasingly with the Internet of Things (IoT) in a variety of different guises.

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    Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability

    This is a current event and as such this blog post is subject to change over the course of the next couple of days as we perform further supplementary research and analysis.

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    Making the most of Mother’s Day

    We looked at a selection of florists and card retailers to see how well they had prepared for peaks in traffic in the run-up to Mother's Day.

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    Attack Vector: A Technical Support Call That Will Cost You More Than A Phone Bill

    Introduction As software and hardware vendors continue to embed ‘secure by default’ as a policy when releasing new technology, so the Intern…

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    Cyber 10K Deep Dive: Mobile device & app security and privacy

    So as a follow up to our initial blog post announcing Cyber 10K we’re going to be doing a number of deep dives on problems associated with each of the areas to help get the creativity juices flowing. This is the third of these deep dives and is in relation to the Mobile device & app security and privacy

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    Check your tyres before booking the MOT

    How to make sure you get the most out of load testing.

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    A Watchful Shepherd Minds the Flock - How Organisations Can Avoid Catastrophic Breaches

    According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, staff at Target ignored alerts from their security systems that if acted upon could have prevented the …

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    Image optimisation tips no. 7: get the balance right

    Where do you draw the line between quality and performance?

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