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    SMACK, SKIP-TLS & FREAK SSL/TLS vulnerabilities

    Current event This is a current event and as such this blog post is subject to change over the course of the next couple of days as we perfo ...

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    New standards enable V2x connectivity in the EU

    Introduction Two EU organisations (ETSI and CEN) have today announced [1] connected car standards that pave the way for V2V (vehicle to vehi ...

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    Samba _netr_ServerPasswordSet Expoitability Analysis

    tl;dr This is my analysis of the recent pre-auth Samba remote tracked by CVE-2015-0240[1]. It doesn’t appear to be very exploitable to me, b ...

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    How a Performance Analyser demo turned into something more valuable

    Improving the performance of new user interface for our monitoring product.

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    Abusing Blu-ray Players Pt. 1 – Sandbox Escapes

    tl;dr In today’s (28 February) closing keynote talk at the Abertay Ethical Hacking Society’s Securi-Tay conference, NCC Group was present an ...

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    Testing: Delivering the benefits of hindsight

    Introduction  I was recently chatting over a couple of drinks with a good friend and former colleague who works as a senior programme manage ...

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    Adventures in Xen exploitation

    tl;dr This post is about my experience trying to exploit the Xen SYSRET bug (CVE-2012-0217). This issue was patched in June 2012 and was dis ...

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    Violating the Virtual Channel – RDP Testing

    Introduction As security consultants we often come across situations where we have access to an RDP server that has been locked down fairly ...

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