NGS Typhon III Network Scanner

Can the process of identifying and fixing infrastructure and web application vulnerabilities ever be an exact science?

Typhon III is a multi-purpose network and server vulnerability assessment scanner providing you with the very best network, web and application security audit available.

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Typhon III combines expertise from our technical security assessment division with insights from our world beating research department. 

By providing a comprehensive security audit of all hosts in your network, from Routers, Switches and Printers through to various types of Web Servers and Application Servers, Typhon III helps the network to stay secure from threats.

Key Features

  • Searches for and exposes: Worms, Rootkits, Phishing, SQL Injection, Pharming & Confidential data theft
  • Integrated web spidering capability offering intelligent script and link scanning: Scans every script and referenced link on every page
  • Multiple reporting formats (PDF, TXT, RTF, HTML, XML & External Database)
  • Fast & efficient (Average scan time for one host is 2 minutes)
  • Cross site scripting checks
  • Lockdown scripts for registry (one click fix)
  • Pause & resume scanning
  • Easy use with scan wizard and intuitive user interface
  • Affordable for both small and large business users
  • Consultancy licences available (unlimited IP addresses)
  • Scans over 50 application modules and Protocols:
    • Cisco IOS / DNS / Finger / FTP / ICMP / IMAP
    • Lexmark Printer Admin / MS SQL Server / MySQL / NetBIOS
    • Windows Policy Settings / Windows Patch Level / Windows Registry
    • Windows Services / IE Browser / WMI / NNTP / POP3 / TCP Port Scan
    • Active TCP Protocol Discovery / Cr-Lf Probe / CVS PServer
    • DB2 Database Administration Server / DCE RPC / DNS / Echo / HTTP
    • Ident / LDAP / LPD / Oracle / PJL / RDP / RExec / Rlogin / RSH
    • RTSP / SSL / Sun RPC / TDS / X Display Server / X Font Server
    • RPC / SMTP / SNMP / SSH / Telnet / UDP Port Scan / UDP Protocols
    • Web Checks / Web Spider / Unix Patch Level / Web Server Patch Level
    • Web Browser Patch Level / Unix Audit via Authenticated SSH
    • Unix Installed Packages
  • Scans ports on network devices and all servers
    • Windows and Unix servers, LDAP & NFS servers
  • Typhon also includes a full set of compliancy regulation checks for: -
  • Typhon III now also includes comparative reporting: -
    • This now allows two identical scans over time to be compared to highlight new, fixed and persisting vulnerabilities
    • This new feature now makes it possible to perform trend analysis over time
  • Top level scans of MySQL, MS SQL, DB2, Informix, Postgres and Oracle databases
  • Results for TCP, HTTP and UDP endpoints are now reported under the TCP or UDP port nodes
  • Automatic Report Generation after scanning
  • Automatic Scanning now available via integration with Windows Scheduler

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